Russian Impressions…

by C.Kidder on February 9, 2011

"In the Village "oil painting by Alexander Kremer

I’ve always been drawn to Russia.  I’m easily pulled into Russian novels, I love Russian Ballet and Dr. Zhavigo is one of my favorite movies.   Books by Anton Chekov and Leo Tolstoy are on my bedside table so that I can pick  them up to read before drifting  off to sleep at night . I just can’t get enough of anything to do with the country!

But it’s Russian Impressionism that finds a special place in my heart and evokes familarity. I often wonder if I painted on a Dacha in another life because when I see the paintings I feel at home.

One of my favorite Russian painters is Nikolai Timkov.  Back in the late 90’s I saw an exhibit of his work at the Spanierman Gallery in N.Y.C and I fell in love with his energetic style.  His paintings are filled with emotion . Rich colors  move across the canvas with a creative force and painterly brushstrokes.

Gallery Russia in Scottsdale Arizona  has the best selection of Russian Impressionist paintings.    On one of our visits to the Gallery we purchased this unfinished portrait that now hangs in my husbands home office .

The face is of an unknown man but his strength and dignified pose radiate from the canvas with  charisma.  It fills the room with a presence.

I dream of one day visiting Russia and taking a train through the Northern country side to see with my own eyes the vistas that the Russian Impressionist have painted . For now I’m happy looking out my kitchen window at the horses playing in the snow and icicles dripping from the barn door.  I like to imagine that it’s alot like the views at the Dachas in Russia.

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Darleen February 9, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Who knows where yur path will lead you, it may bring you to Russia one day. These paintings are beautiful!

The Roving Home February 10, 2011 at 5:05 am

Thanks for this insight into Russian Impressionism. The unfinished portrait you purchased is compelling indeed.

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