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Looking Back…A Black and White Sketch

by C.Kidder on February 1, 2013

~Sketch by Colleen Kidder~ “I decided to start anew – to strip away what I had been taught, to accept as true my own thinking. This was one of the best times of my life .  I was alone and singularly free working on my own.. unknown- no one to satisfy but myself.  I began […]


Before the Storm… oil painting

by C.Kidder on October 29, 2012

 I’m happy that I got out this past weekend to do some painting !  The sky was filled with dramatic clouds … the marsh grasses  golden.  Leaves on the distant horizon were jewel toned.  But that was before the storm.  I imagine most of the leaves have blown away by now. When things calm down […]


Beach Light…and Cloud Shadows

by C.Kidder on October 21, 2012

“When you paint, try to put down exactly what you see.  Whatever else you have to offer will come out anyway.”  ~ Winslow Homer I finished this 16 x20 oil painting today.  It’s been a memory in my mind for weeks!  There was a day when as I was leaving the beach,  I looked up […]


Monhegan Island…Magical…Mystical…Magnetic

by C.Kidder on September 30, 2012

~Painting on the Rocks at Lobster Cove on Monhegan Island~ I’m going back!…I know…I was just there a couple of weeks ago but I need to return one more time before the weather changes and the Island freezes for the season.   I’ll do a few paintings while I’m there and absorb some more inspiration. […]


Open Studio~Open Hearts…Three Beautiful Days!

by C.Kidder on November 28, 2011

    I am so filled with appreciation !  The 3rd Annual Studio Show was a huge success!! Seeing friends from long ago and welcoming first time visitors to my Studio was truly enjoyable.. The weather was unseasonably warm and the mood as people shopped and shared conversation while sipping sangria was like being at a […]


Shoe Business…

by C.Kidder on November 9, 2011

Recently I was asked to decorate a shoe for an upcoming Fashion Show and Silent Auction that will help the Class of 2012 of Ipswich High School raise some funds.   I agreed but wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do to make this shoe stand out at an auction!  It’s pointed toe and spiked heel looked architectural sitting on […]


Found Wisdom…

by C.Kidder on September 26, 2011

“I sing the song of life…With the smile of the sun and the dance of the twilight.  I float in the sky in rhythm with free spirit and joyous heart.”     ~ Swami Paramananda    Years ago I found a small leather bound “Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers” by Swami Paramanda.  It was in a pile of books […]


Changes…Learning to Fly

by C.Kidder on August 14, 2011

  “How does one become a butterfly,…You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”             ~Trina Paulus My studio has been a safe and comfortable cocoon for me this summer.  A place where I can spend hours getting lost in my landscapes…dreaming… drawing…putting colors on canvas and […]